About US

Fundazone is the Corporate Training and Academic Division of the Yopozone Consulting Private Limited operating out of Chennai. Fundazone started out as a Centre for Advanced Learnings in the FACT Domain (i.e. Finance, Accounts, Company Law and Taxation).

Fundazone specializes in the designing training modules, conducting workshops, conducting classes and programmes in matters relating to Accounting, Finance, Assurance, Compliance, Management and Systems.

Fundazone was formed with the objective of providing value driven education and assisting students of professional courses to learn thoroughly, nurturing their questioning mind. It organizes sessions for aspirants of Commerce Professional Courses such as the Chartered Accountancy Course of ICAI, CISA Certification of the ISACA, of USA etc. Our resource persons are well sought after by Corporates, Government Departments and Colleges.

The training and workshop interactions are based on two founding principles – “Questioning Mind Learns” and “Learning Should Be Fun”, encouraging the participants to explore, enquire, speak out and question before learning, and our own belief that what we impart should be interesting and done in a way that retains the attention of the participant.

Fundazone believes that every student is capable of comprehending every ideas and concepts comprised in his or her syllabus. Fundazone respects every student and his ability to comprehend, and not insult them by promoting rote learning model and turning students into memorizing machines.